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    By Karen

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    Here's an idea for you that works for any grade level. I recommend having the students produce charcoal drawings using compressed charcoal. If you don't know anything about art, just place a large vase of flowers in the front of the room, and have the students reproduce them using the charcoal. Use large sheets of drawing paper, large garbage bags with holes for arms/legs/head keep bodies clean, and surgical gloves O.K. for hands. Stress using the whole paper for the drawing and encourage students to use the flat and long edge of the charcoal in bold lines then use their hands to smear the charcoal for effect. For fun, you might have the students dip tissue in water and smear just the edges of the fowers for effect. You can't miss with this assignment--the charcoal creates a beautiful image almost by itself.

    Best of luck to you,
    Karen 8)

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