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    By Duke69

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    I would think not being able to supplement the saxon program with hands on type activities isn't saxons fault, but rather the administrations. Besides the spiraling with the concepts, it's nice to be able to teach a mini lesson (which accelerated math also stresses), rather than bore the kids with a 45 minute lesson on reading graphs (or some other skill) and you do that same skill for a couple of days. Saxon introduces a lesson then haves you build on that lesson throughout the remaining of the year. Maybe if more companies would use the spiraling method and made the lessons "more colorful", our district would look at them, but for now, since "test scores" are soooo important this is what works best for us. Again, I'm not saying other teachers are not good because they don't use the saxon program. I know the majority of the teachers in our district use other things to help with the mini lessons and use supplementary materials to enhance the learning process, but having the students do a variety of problems each lesson, instead of 25 similiar problems, is what has helped our district math scores thrive. So with good teachers + a good math program + the use of supplemental materials =success for our district.

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