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    By Madi

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    Since you seem to have gotten a very good list of what to carry i have some substitute tips.

    -Be flexible. If you are walking in to be a 1st grade teacher and the principal says he needs you for gym have you sneakers and something comfortable in the trunk of your car. Having once been asked to teack gym in an interview suit and high heels I learned my lesson well.

    -As much as you can try to sub in a few buildigns and dont spread yourself all over the place. Where I live it is possible for me to sub in 2 school buildings doing elementary classes only every day. Once the teachers know you they will want you all the time. Also your discipline problems are cut in half or more. When the kids see you every day having lunch with their teacher they know that you arent going to not tell him or her what really went on in the room. They also get used to you and your style. It makes for much nicer days.You are able to build relationships with the staff and the prinicpal. I spread myself thin last year and I know that is one of the reasons I didnt have a job this fall. No one knew me. I know have a long term job for the rest of the year becuase they know and trust me.

    -Dont forget to leave a note. I have heard lots of teachers complain about not being left a note by the sub. AND DONT LIE ABOUT THE KIDS!!! I know it sounds sill but when the kids are bad the teacher wants to know. i was told by the teacher down the hall one day to make sure the teacher knew exactly what the kids had done wrong. The regular teacher gets mixed signals whent the sub leaves a note saying htere were no problems and the teacher next door tells them the next day about screaming and yelling in the room.

    Hope this helps...if you want more I've got more

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