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    main idea/topic sentence
    By teach6

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    No stupid question...remember what we tell the kids.
    I am not sure if you mean main idea vs topic sentence vs the main things that happen in a story or paragraph.
    This is my interpretation and I could be way off so someone out there....let me know.
    Main idea: the general overall subject matter of what a paragraph is about....a few words.
    Main events: the sequence of what is going in a paragraph. 1st this, 2nd that, etc.
    Topic sentence: The sentence in the story that expresses what the paragraph is about.

    There are some resources that switch the main idea and topic sentence; they call it the topic and the main idea sentence. But as the students get into the older grades, topic sentences are taught the way I mentioned so it is easier to learn it this way first.

    Hope this helps.

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