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    multiplication game
    By Jen

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    We play a game called "multiplication wrestling". Here is how to play it: Depending on the level of your children ( I have 5th grade) the number of cards taken will vary.
    1. Take a regular deck of cards, get ride of face cards
    2. This is a two person game. Each person takes 4 cards (but they can only take 2 if you want).
    3. They arrange the cards so that they have 2, 2 digit numbers (i.e. I draw a 3,5, 2, 8). I would make the problem: 82 X 53.
    4.Then each of the players solves his/her problem.
    5. They check each other's work for errors and the person with the highest product gets to keep all the cards.
    6. When all the cards are done from the deck, each person counts the cards they got and then can declare a winner.

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