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    food chain
    By Tracy

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    This is probably a little corny but I always give my students strips of paper and have them write the name of an animal and draw the animal. Then they make a chain with the paper in the order that the animals may be eaten. For example: draw grass, bug, snake, hawk then hook them together.

    We also play a predator/prey game. I get lots of little plastic bugs and divide the class in half. One half are the predators and the other half are the prey. I put all the bugs and the predators at one end of the gym and the prey and the other end. The "prey" have to try to run to the other end of the gym, get a bug and run back. If they are caught by a "predator" they are out. I also put about 5 hula hoops around the gym as safety zones. They can stand in a hoop to act as if they have reached a safe hiding place.

    Hope some of this helps!

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