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    By Sharon D. W-L

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    Well I'm still working on this one myself. However, so far I've been keeping binders by the month. We usually teach various themes and topics around the same time each school year so I have one or two large binders for each month. They are not perfect but they are better then these files and files of stuff. I hole punch EVERYTHING or if you have to use large envelpoes and hole punch these to store samples of things in for the month. But the envelope goes into the binder. This is especially useful for craft samples if they fit. You can also do up unit boxes if you prefer. I often have a few of the plastic shoe box size ones for craft samples that I want to hold on to and for flash cards , mini games etc.

    As for the magazines you could make copies of the table of contents from each issue and place these in each monthly binder. (I think I read about this in Mailbox!) Then as you preview each binder a month or too ahead you'll glance at the table of contents to see if that issue will be useful at this time.

    I have the same folders on my computer - one for each month and as ideas come in that I just can't deleate (I'm such a pack rat!) I drag them into a folder for safe keeping. Every few months (3-6) I try and go through and deleate what I haven't used so I don't store too much... (Yeah right!)

    I do have a few binders for math and science and language arts (Word Wall Words, Phonics, Spelling) in general but most everything else is in a monthly binder.

    Oh yeah - label the binders clearly. It takes a while but it is worth it.


    PS: I just moved and most of my precious binders are in storage in another province... I wish I would have brought them all with me.

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