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    By sandyH

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    We did lots of examples where the kids got to use markers, crayons, etc. to draw what I named. Ex. Use a purple marker to draw one horizontal line. Now use green to draw another line that is parallel to the first. Making it "fun" with color and action seemed to help. Also, I teach the hint that the 2 ls in the word parallel are actually parallel. We learn about intersecting lines being like intersections of roads.
    To make naming angles more memorable, I use letters that spell out simple words. For instance, I'll put points P, I, & G on the angle and ask them to name it. They get giggly when they recognize words like ten, mop, pot, ham, etc. (Don't ask me why they like this...they're 10!)
    Finally, one thing I've done in the past to reinforce the idea of acute, right, and obtuse is to take a large piece of construction paper and fold it in thirds. Lable one column for each of the 3 types of angles. Then with some suggestions, give them old magazines and tell them they need to hunt for a certain # of examples of each angle in the pictures and words they see. They like this, and it seems to help the ideas stick in their heads.

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