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    By Jesica

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    I'm not sure if this will work for you but a friend of mine had an assistant that seemed to be the same way. First, every time the assistant came to her with a concern she would say, "Thank you for pointing that out. I will certainly think about your suggestion." Then she did whatever she felt like doing. Sometimes, it turned out that the assistant was right and sometimes she was just being nosy so. . . The second thing she did was to make up long lists of tasks that she wanted the assistant to complete. I don't know if you are having the same problem but this assistant tried to "take over", too, and it seemed to help if she had too many other things to complete. And it helped out the teacher because she had more time to concentrate on lesson planning, grading, etc. I think being assertive is the real key. When you walk back into the room, approach her directly and hold out your hand for the book. If you are standing inches away then she will probably be unable to ignore you. Hee, hee!! Good luck. I have my own problems with my assistant but I won't go into that.

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