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    By chap

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    I agree with the thought that when a student has a low average I should help them by boosting the grade and then maybe they will have hope. But here is a little more about why I asked this question. The grades I just sent home on the most recent report card were for the 2nd quarter. I have A LOT of students who don't care this year and won't do anything. I am not kidding. The most some students will bring to class is their sweatshirt and rap it around their heads and goof-off. This is why I don't have a second thought about giving the very low grade.

    I can't believe so many principals ask teachers do "mark up" the grades.

    Once again, I should state, I do love to help the students who I know try and want to succeed. Its those who everyday (just like today, AGAIN) disturb class and cause problems who are the ones I really don't think twice about giving a low grade.

    Next quarter I will most certainly give the grade that is earned. I am tired of lying. Lying doesn't help anywhere else, so how can it help in school?

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