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    By Michelle

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    I have not found that my aides are very good about confidentiality. I usually give serveral stern warning throughout the year regarding not discussing classroom issues with anyone other than the people who actually serve the student. You will be absolutely amazed at what some people, including other school staff, will ask about your kids!

    As for subs, I tell them what they need to know to keep the kids safe, healthy, and happy but I do not share labels or levels. For example:

    Johnny likes playing with switch toys and vibrating toys. He can not see at all and does not hear well. He hears sounds and voices but does not hear well enough to understand words. When you need to give a direction, take his hand and lead him to what you want him to do. Guide his hand to begin the task. When Johnny wants something or wants you to do something, he will pull on your hand and guide your hand to what he wants. Johnny will fuss or cry if something is wrong. It usually means that he wants something to drink or needs to have his diaper changed. He drinks from the green cup with the straw lid. He holds it by himself. Sometimes fusssing or crying means that his stomach is hurting and he wants to sit on the floor beside you while you rub or pat his stomach for a few minutes. Johnny is not allowed to eat the following foods b/c they cause him to have stomaches: tomato sauce, milk products, beans, pickles, and corn. He needs to have his food cut up and be fed but likes to hold the spoon or fork while you guide it to his mouth. He wears diapers and should be changed at 8:00, 11:00, and 2:00. The paraprofessionals will assist with feeding/changing according to the instructions in the sub plans. Ms. ___ (para, therapist, etc.) works well with Johnny and can assist you if there is a problem.

    This information is what I include in my sub folder for a student who is classified deaf/blind and severely cognitively disabled. He has significant gastro-intestinal issues and food allergies. He is learning to follow a sighted guide, communicate basic needs, and feed himself.

    Hope this is helpful. Good luck in your new job!

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