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    I have it
    By Dawn

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    and it's not all I expected it to be. What is good about it is that it has lists and games stored so you can just print them out, laminate, and put together the spelling practice games. Things like dinousaurs and ice cream cones on the games so you don't have to "cutey up" the game yourself. Plus all the game cards. It also has the words printed into card formats on the sheets, so it's easy to print out the word lists to be cut up by the students.

    What's bad about it is that the word lists do not exactly coincide with the lists in the book, so you still have to spend some time composing word lists.

    I found mine at the local teacher store. I think that I got $22 out of it, but I still ended up typing lists for my kids about half the time. I'm curious to see if anyone else posts with a different opinion.

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