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    By Ally

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    I think you may find it hard to stay vague...most people know their due date, from the minute they find out they are pregnant...not that the baby cares mind you...they have their own little time clocks! And you may get some persistent parents...when I was pregnant with my first, I had parents ask me if they pregnancy was planned! I considered that to be downright rude and could not imagine what possible difference it could make to them but for whatever reason, some people tend to think they can ask anything! (and something about pregnancy also seems to make people think they can tell you anything too...everyone seemed to want to share birth horror stories with me!)

    You may want to ask your principal for some suggestions of how to keep up the vague responses going or a polite way to shut down the questioners...if she is the one who wants the information contained, she probably has a good reason (past bad experience perhaps) and may have some ideas...

    Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy...Ally

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