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    OMG, I'm so glad you posted this!
    By Hiding From My Principal

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    I am horrible about lesson plans. It takes me HOURS to write a week's worth of plans (the way they're supposed to be written). It takes much less time to just fill in the information that I am actually going to NEED to use.

    Well...the administrators are on the prowl the week before vacation. My AP comes in, in the middle of a math lesson. I am on fire! I had studied that lesson for about an hour the night before and I KNOW my stuff. Not only that but my kids are on fire too. They know their stuff. But all of this doesn't really matter because my LP book is sitting out on my desk (because I was using the part that I USE!)

    And of course my AP opens it.

    And he sees that many of the boxes are blank.

    And he flips back to last week. Many of those boxes are blank too.

    And the week before that...

    And...Oops! That week is almost ALL blank!

    My cheeks are now on fire. But I'm still teaching.

    My AP leaves and 5 minutes later comes back with my principal. Now they are BOTH looking at my LP book. And flipping back.

    And I'm still teaching...

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