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    100th day of school
    By Brenda

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    Here are some ideas that I have in my file:
    100 piece puzzle
    Fruit Loop Graph- count out 100 Fruit Loops and graph them according to color
    What weighs 100 lbs? Use a scale
    Calendar; what is 100 days from now?
    Using a stopwatch, balance for 100 seconds on one foot/board/etc.
    100th day munchies; before hand ask students to bring one of the following: 100 cherrios, raisens, M&M's, peanuts, marshmellows, pretzels etc, combine and eat as a snack
    Ask what could you eat 100 of?
    Stack 100 pennies, crackers
    Have 3 jars filled with objects; kids vote which has 100.
    Writing: If I had $100.00 I would buy...
    Use manipulatives and make groups of 5 to 100, 10,20,25, 50 and 100.
    Physical exercise: jump, clap, in unison to 100
    Ask a parent to bake a cake and put 100 candles on it!
    Hope some of these ideas are new for you.

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