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    teachingranny, come on Down Under
    By Fiona

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    Amy, follow the wonderful advice given by "teachingranny" as I have always been impressed by her comments and advice. There is always wonderful things going on these boards, ideas being bandied about, helpful advice given. I'm sure your friends and yourself will do a better job of taping the play you seek than the original as you'll put heart and soul into it as teachers do.
    "Teachingranny", please reconsider, get over your fear, hop on that plane and get Down Under!!!It is worth the long flight over!!!
    I also agree with your point that a few seem too concerned on how a point is presented upon the boards rather than how to help with advice.Maybe that's why, I too "lurk in the shadows" or erase my replies.
    hope to see you here soon, teachingranny! Good luck with the tape, Amy!

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