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    Geoboard Graphing
    By Jennie

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    Use geoboards and fruit loops to play a modified version of Battleship. First, students use tape to label the side and bottom of their geoboards with numbers (creating the ordered pairs). Students place a red fruit loop on one ordered pair. Partner students, placing a divider between desks (folders standing up work well). Students then use other colored fruit loops to mark off ordered pairs as they call them out in an attempt to locate their partners red fruit loop. I always model this with the whole group first, using a dot pattern on the overhead for the geoboard, red marker for the red fruit loop and other colored marker for the other fruit loops. One child turns their seat so they cannot see the overhead, I mark an ordered pair and they begin guessing coordinates. I circle as they guess OR have other students circle the guesses. Everyone wants to be the "guesser". When you feel comfortable they have the idea, then let them play against one another. They love it and it is good ordered pair practice.

    Hope this helps!

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