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    Multiplications Games
    By Kathy

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    I love these ideas--especially the chain game. I'm eager to try that when we come back to school.

    Over the years my kids have always loved "Around the World" so we play it every now and then, but it's not one of my favorites since only two are practicing at a time--also it's the best students who get the most practice in that game.

    One the kids also love that works if you have a large area available to you is "Math Baseball" where you have everyone line up in a horizontal row. Then designate places for first, second, and third base. Have two students stand at "home base." One is the catcher, the other the batter. The pitcher (teacher) gives a flash card and the child who says it quickest moves to first base and another child moves up in line. Tie always goes to the "catcher" (which is the child that has been there longest) When someone gets to first base, the runner there goes to second, the one on second goes to third, and so on.

    The kids love this because they love to run from base to base. I like it because it's fast-paced and it's the students that need the practice that are getting the most! If someone gets "stuck" in the catcher position, I eventually let them go on, but since you let "tie go to the catcher" even the ones slowest at their facts can usually tie on the easy facts like 4 x 0!

    You need to have some firm ground rules before you begin because this can get out of hand. Some of mine are that students that are waiting in line must be quiet and stand on the line, no talking if you aren't giving an answer, and "runners" must go BEHIND the waiting line to take their place at the end when they come back to home base.

    I will time out a child if they aren't following these rules and they almost always behave when they come back in since they enjoy the game. This is good to do when you need a "wiggle break" since it combines exercise, learning, and fun. We usually only do this for 5-10 minutes and by the time we're done everyone has had good exercise,fun, and many chances to answer (depending on the size of the class)

    I also do multiplication tapes. The students each have individual numbers and they try to get the products out before the tape does. They enjoy it!

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