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    By Jennifer in OK

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    I feel that only a few gifted ones never hit those bumps in the road where learning comes to a screeching halt. For some of us, it is one area, maybe Math. For others, we are weak across the board. You don't have a crystal ball that can predict the future of these kids. You can only do the best for them the year that you have them. As teachers, we need to realize that we canonly do so much in a day, a year, to guide these students down the right path. These 4th graders that you had 3 years ago have hit some harder material. Maybe this teacher cannot look into her methods of teaching to see where she should modify how to teach the area of struggle. Some teachers don't change their methods of teaching. Is this teacher like this? We all look for a source to lay blame, but often don't look to ourselves. How many times have you had a student that behaviorally you had no problems with then the next year the student was always in trouble? These fluke things happen.

    I considered myself a strong student until I hit algebra I. In elementarry, I did my math grid in under a minute. Then my big speed bump hit in 9th grade. I barely passed my 3 high school math areas.

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