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    Take it easy
    By Michelle Barber

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    First of all I would like to take this time and offer you my congratulations. I am 20 weeks pregnant and totally thrilled. Then I would like to echo the words of someone else who replied and say take it one step at a time. I would wait until you start showing more and feel comfortable sharing your good news to first tell your administration. Many people don't like sharing until after the first trimester anyway--just to be safe. And if you are not showing, you can wait until a bit later. Don't worry, they can't fire you. But depending on your work ethics, some principals may try to use this as a reason for seeing if you'll stay up to your job.

    When your students start asking (mine didn't ask, they just assumed and talked amongst themselves--they're 6th grade), you don't have to tell if you are not ready, but don't lie. Simply say something like "Are you saying that I'm getting fat?" (Smile)

    Depending on where you live most of the kids will not associate your not being married yet; and in this day and age most of their parents can't make a deal about it because they aren't or weren't married when they started either!

    Just enjoy this time in your pregnancy! Trust me, once everyone knows, you can enjoy the perks of everyone putting you as the center of attention! They'll be worrying about you lifting objects, reaching for things or bending over. (You'd better hurry and milk it for what it's worth)

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