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    non-supportive colleagues
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Yours is a difficult situation to be in. Obviously your Principal feels you can do the job. Grade 1 is one of the hardest grades to teach and the teacher makes a huge difference in how well these little ones will do in school. So try to ignore those colleagues and keep doing your job. It's getting harder and harder to find good teachers who love their jobs.

    On the other side - I can understand a bit what your colleagues are thinking. They went through a program and have a degree. They may think you are paid the same (and you may indeed be) and if there is a teacher's union in your area they may hear things spoken against the hiring of non-creditial teachers.

    Have you ever thought about working towards your degree part-time. Perhaps you could take one or two courses each term in the evenings or through correspondance. This would give you more options in the future should you wish to change schools. This would not only benefit you, it might also make your colleagues back off as well. I know when I went to University quite a few courses were offered in the evenings.

    Anyway enjoy this holiday season and don't let those few get you down. Your students are lucky to have someone dedicated and who loves being with them.

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