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    Money System
    By Jennifer in OK

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    My team of 4th grade teachers uses play money with our kids. Each receives $50 the 1st day of each quarter. They earn money for turning in homework (random assignments not everyone), behaving appropriately, even class participation. You can reward them for whatever you think needs to be re-enforced. We also fine them for inappropriate behavior, not having certain assignments done (again randomly), etc. You can adjust the fine based on the crime. We teach about money so they have a balance sheet to keep track of their money. They must have a balance sheet. I do trade ins where they can trade in small bills ($10s and $20s) for $50s and $100s. If they don't have a balance sheet when they trade in, they go back down to $50. Helps to teach responsibility. We talk to the kids about not giving money to people, they can't buy things from other students, etc. If money is found, they are to turn it in to the teacher. At the end of the quarter, we pick an amount (say $1500). Those that have earned that much money in the quarter get treated to a party of some kind (popcorn and movie, pizza, ice cream sundae, etc.) We have high school football buddies who are in on it and are coming back in January to have a party with those that earned it.

    If you like the idea, please email me if you have any more questions. We have a tough group this year. There are those ones that just don't care (nothing seems to work with those!). Money is something they like though, so for the majority it has worked great! Those hefty finess that get paid sure do open some eyes!!!

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