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    Oh My God!!!
    By rlb

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    The bible also says sinners should be stoned - so where does one draw the line. Aside from that...

    As a one time recipient of paddling, I certainly would not advocate its use. It is humuliating, degrading, traumatic, engraves a permanent image in the mind of the recipient, and is a short term solution to what is probably a deep rooted problem. I could never see myself using this as a means toeffectively discipline a child in my classroom. I sincerely hope you will be able to find other ways of helping this child without needing to resort to physical violence. Actually - that is what it is in the end. Would any of us take it from a peer or from our head of school/boss? I wouldn't - why should a child be expected to? Because they're smaller and weaker?

    This subject gets my feathers riled, obviously. I feel very strongly that there are multiple solutions to discipline issues and that there are many ways to help children that do not neccesitate hitting, paddling, etc. Granted I am not in your situation, so I can't judge how difficult it must be to have to go this route. I'm sorry it has come to this for you. I hope you never have to use it.....

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