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    By apple

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    No offense taken.

    As a parent I often felt overwhelmed by the amount of homework that my son received on a nightly basis. I was very hard to juggle going to college, being a wife, a mother, and being the "HOMEWORK POLICE." My 3rd grade son at the time was receiving 3 hrs. of homework nightly. As a was going through my teacher prep classes I vowed that I would not assign homework to my students. My view has changed since. I have found it to be a necessary evil.

    I, as many other teachers, need the help of my students' parents. It does need to be a joint effort. I do realize that there are many educators that just send homework home for the sake of sending it home. Often it goes ungraded and sometimes is filed in the circular file. This is what I feel that some of my son's teachers have done in the past.

    I believe that the homework that I send home directly relates to what I am teaching. My hope is that it serve two purposed: 1) Enables parents to know what we a doing in class. 2) Enables parents to see what their child needs to work on. I send my homework home on Mondays, due on Friday. No more than 2 pages a week. I also ask my students to read and practice their math facts nightly. I have instructed my parents that their child should not be spending more than 30 minutes a night on homework.

    Yes, it will take some students longer to finish than others. Some will breeze through some and struggle on other portions. Some of my students need more practice than others. I can tell who has spent even 5 minutes a night on flash cards or played a math practice game on the computer.

    I set aside 10 minutes a day for math practice. There are still the students that NEED THE EXTRA PRACTICE.

    My students may be in school for 8 hrs. a day. I certainly do not have them in my classroom for that long.

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