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    By Julianne

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    We made pipe cleaner penguins. Take a black pipe cleaner and wind it around a thick pen or pencil making a tight spring. Slip it off. This is the penguin's head and body. Take half an orange or yellow pipe cleaner, bend it in half, then bend the folded end over to create a beak. Slip it up through the black spring, letting the beak stick out between a couple of the coils. The loose ends hanging down are bent up into little feet. Finally, take a small piece of thick white pipe cleaner. Bend each end a bit and slip it into the coils under the beak to make the white tuxedo front of the penguin. You can add googly eyes, but they're cute even without them. My first graders had a little trouble doing this project on their own, but second and third should do ok. My teenage daughter used different lengths of pipe cleaners to make an entire family of penguins, some in pretty unusual colors. You might even give each child a jelly belly in an appropriate color to be the penguin egg that is balanced on the father's feet until it hatches. Baby penguins could be made from fuzzy gray pipe cleaners.

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