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    teamwork reward systen
    By Carolyn

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    Here's one method that I started last year that has seemed to help.

    First I laminated on 4x6 cards the numbers from 1-30. I put velcro on the backs and stuck them above the board where they could be plainly seen. The numbers represent the minutes of free time the class gets on Friday. I start each week with a "gift" of 5 minutes and then add or take away based on class behavior. It's a quiet way to reinforce good behavior, and there's nothing like a loud "rip" of velcro to get their attention when they're out of hand. It's really been saving my voice too. Sometimes all I have to do is start reaching up there and they quiet down.

    On Friday they get to make suggestions and vote on how we'll be spending the free time. They do a pretty good job and keep eachother in check. This doesn't always help when you need more individual behavior change. It's more for whole class.

    I hope this helps! Let me know.

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