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    Disrespectful students
    By Elizabeth

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    Unless you have some solid back up from the adminstration, the students will continue. I've tried every intervention and 6 or so students are still screaming, throwing, and kicking chairs, etc. When they are taken out of the classroom for their misbehvaior, they are allowed to return in 10 minutes and 99% of the time scream as they enter the classroom "See, I knew I'd be back here, nothing ever happens to us when we go down there." The counselor will come in my classroom to talk to a student who was just kicking and screaming at me (and witnessed by the counselor) and he will say to the student "I see you're having a bad day, let's talk about this." The student will then continue to kick and scream and the counselor will say "Okay, I understand your frustration, etc." The same student will be doing the same thing within 5 minutes of the counselor leaving. Students of today have little respect for teachers and the adminstration is too scared to be firm for fear of a lawsuit. I'm tired of all the books and lectures on classroom management. When a few students are allowed to destroy the learning structure of a class, they need to be sent to alternative education (reform school). They do not belong in a regular classroom. Okay, I'm done venting.

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