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    spelling game - Barracuda
    By Sarah

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    My class (5th grade) likes this game. I did not invent it. It's like Hangman but more interactive.

    On the board I draw a ladder with 5 rungs above the barracuda (or shark) in the water. On the top of the ladder, I draw a stick figure who is a member of the class. I choose a word either from a past spelling list (usually a challenge word) or a seasonal word and write out its spaces. The students guess letters- every time it's wrong, the stickperson moves one rung closer to the shark. They get 1 vowel guess. If someone thinks they can solve, they must first be approved by the "shark bait" person. They must correctly fill in the missing letters to save the person. If the classes solve several words in a row (so no one gets eaten), the shark gets hungrier and hungrier, so I put 3 or 4 students on the ladder. We play it maybe once every month or so.

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