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    Spelling game
    By Jane

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    I play a game with my students which I call, Race to Spell.

    You need 2 teams (let students come up with their team name). A student from each team is called to the board. They stand facing the board with marker/chalk in hand, with hands down beside them. They must listen to the word and wait for me to say, ready, set, go. On GO, they write the word correctly and neatly on the board. The first one to finish turns around with their back to the board. If they have spelled correctly and YOU can read the word, they earn a point for their team. In case of a tie (where both spell correctly and turn at the same time), award both teams a point and give these same students another word. At the end of the game, if both teams have the same number of points, do a tie breaker word. Let the teams choose who from their team will represent them.

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