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    Getting rid of it
    By winkie

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    While I was teaching my daughter in first grade, we had a bad outbreak of lice and she came home with it as well. Fortunately I did not get it, but that didn't prevent me from freaking out. We did the lice shampoo, tore her bed apart and vacuumed and washed anything she could have come into contact with, furniture and even the car. I bagged all her stuffed animals for 6 weeks. Lice needs a live host in order to live so it will not lay eggs on the stuffed animals but they could be crawling on it. It was awful, sorry to say, but maybe I went a bit overboard. It is extremely important that all the nits are pulled off, they will hatch again in a week or so. (Be sure and take the trash out after you do this.) Because of this, the treatment should be repeated in a week. It is also important that you vacuum and wash everything or you will continue to be reinfested. (I'm itching my head now just thinking about it.) They have a new product out now that I saw at Walmart that colors the nits pink or green so that you can see them better. It might be something to look into to. In the meantime, find someone to pick nits and reward them greatly for helping you out. :0)

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