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    By Carolyn

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    One problem I have learned about lice from our school nurse is that they are becoming more resistant to the conventional treatments. It's kind of like how some bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics.

    I had a student who came to school a few years ago with her hair all greased up. When I asked her why her hair was all greased up with vasoline, she replied that she had head lice and this was how her mama was treating it. I am not sure if this is a cure or not. Has anybody else heard of this treatment?

    I teach in the South, and a large proportion of my children are African American. Supposedly, they are less likely to get lice. I have not heard of any lice outbreaks in our small school. Maybe there is some truth to African American children not getting lice.

    I have heard some teachers say that if you use hair coloring, then you are less likely to get lice. I would think that the lice don't like hair coloring chemicals.

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