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    here is how i've done centers.....
    By 3rd grade teacher

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    I have 40 mins. alotted time a day(there will be two rotations during that time). Most students will only get one time period (20 min) at a set-up center. They will do seat centers for the other 20 min. A few get 2 set-up centers in a given day but won't get any on another day (they would do seat centers)...Just the way it works out but ALL students get to ALL centers every week (unless something unforseen comes up).
    The schedules are posted above each center broken into two time periods for each day. (ex. Research Center Monday 9:20-9:40 Susie Q. and Little Johnny, 9:40-10:00 Ann and Andy, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri are posted in the same way). It is a little crazy getting the schedule established at first because you don't want to schedule someone in two centers at a time. Also, I want to pick and choose who should work with whom. I'll also add that just because Lucy works with Ricky in the Math Center doesn't mean she will be with him in the Book Nook. I try to let them be with a friend atleast once if I know it will work.

    My set-up centers are the same centers each week but the things within the centers change. Here are my centers...

    Research/Discovery Center: (this could be states, rocks and minerals, volcanoes, whatever).
    Right now we are using it for our Postcard Project to learn about different areas.

    Computers: educational games, e-pals, some research.

    Math Center: anything using manipulatives, games to reinforce skills and as a review, etc.

    Writing Center: writing friendly letters to our Pals, writing stories, constructing sentences games, writing our postcards, word tiles to construct sentences, drawing pictures to go with our stories, lots of stuff. Right now I have a collection of old Christmas cards. I have listed a few words on the back of each to go along with the pictures. They have to write a story about the picture including those words and then illustrate them.

    Book Nook: Books on topics we are studying in S. Studies, Science, Holidays, whatever.

    Then I have a variety of things for them to take back to their seats...file folder games, activity cards, dry erase mats of states, presidents, money,handwriting, maps to name a few.

    *I have an index card of clear instructions for each center plus I introduce the material for each center on Monday to get them interested and familiar with the activities.

    I don't know how others do their centers. I know a lot of people do theirs during guided reading time but that doesn't work for me. I teach third grade and I'm the only third grade class that does this. I like centers because I can review and reinforce skills already taught and spend one on one time with those in need...there's just not a whole lot of time to do them in.

    I don't know if this will work for you, but it is the only way I have been able to work them in and I really do like using them!

    I hope you can atleast adapt some if not all of these ideas. I hope centers work out for you!

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