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    By ABC123

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    Mentoring has nothing to do with handing over all your lessons/units! They are trying to take advantage of you. Mentoring is showing them around, sharing ideas, and giving helpful advice (being a support person). You might pop into their room time to time to see how things are going. It should not be give me, give me, give me! Are you in the same grade level? If so, do you plan together? This should be the time to see who wants to do what, and what materials are needed. If you are in different grade levels, then they shouldn't be coming to you about giving them your stuff. Surely they weren't telling you they need you to run off copies of the worksheet (maybe just borrowing the original to make their own??) If you are different grade levels, take time when you have a minute or two to pop in and see how things are going. They in turn may need to pop into your room (when you are NOT teaching)if they need to discuss something. But like I said before, you are not there to give, give, give every little thing they want. They need to develop their own lesson plans/units(especially if this is for evaluation purposes). If this is the case, then they are taking advantage! You might, nicely, tell them they have misunderstood about mentoring and set the record straight!

    Good Luck!

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