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    recess ideas
    By cate

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    When I've had students w/this difficulty I begin with some sort of class discussion. A lot of times I will read Dr. Seuss' The Sneetches (even 5th graders can enjoy this story), talk about how each group felt and ask if this is anything they've ever seen, observed, done, etc. Then make an action plan on how to change this behavior at recess, brainstorm activities (draw with chalk, play Follow the Leader or Statues-games for older kids, drama activities-if you need more just ask) and then have them suggest with your guidance to choose and stick with one or two activities for the recess. This way the students will have a planned, productive activity. Also have the students practice what to do if other students want to be "cliquey", gossipy and negative towards others (ignore, ask to stop-use I messages, walk away, repeat, and then ask for help). This won't work immediately, students will need time to practice and see positive examples-point out positive examples and reward them with praise and if needed stickers, good behavior celebration... Hope this helps, I'd love to hear how it works out.

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