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    Math Idea
    By Chicago Teacher

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    If he does not have math on his IEP, maybe you could try talking with him (and his parents?) about setting up a situation like this:

    The boy will do the same work as the class (same topic, page number, etc.), but instead of doing a certain number of problems (a number that seems from what you say to be too many) you could make a "deal" that if this student starts his assignment and works on it with good effort and asks for help when he needs it, that when math class is over, you will only grade those problems he finishes. Ex: You assign 20 division problems, he works hard but only finishes 7, so that's what you grade. That way, if he tries to take advantage by messing around or whatever, you can say that he didn't fulfill his end of the bargain and will have to complete the entire assignment. That will also solve the concern about what others will think and what to do with him if he finishes early. It would fulfull the request of your principal that his assignment is different and graded based upon the number correct.

    I'm just thinking off the top of my head, but maybe this will spark some kind of idea.

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