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    Don't give up
    By Mary

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    Some years are better than others. Kids are kids no matter where you teach. I teach spoiled rich kids and they are a handful. I think the best kids to teach are orphans.

    The large class size doesn't help. I have found my larger classes were hard to control because they just couldn't get the attention they needed. They misbehaved to get attention. When my classes were 24 or less (even with behavior problems)they were easier to manage. This time of the year is crazy for all kids. Things seem to calm down from January to April where I live. I can accomplish lots during this stretch.

    I try to plan all the fun crafty activities for the end of the day. Any science or social studies related video would be good to show at the crazy end of the day. Perhaps some active learning activities would be good. Like math baseball or shoot hoops with a nerf ball into a basket when doing review work. If they answer a question correctly they can shoot a basket for l, 2 or 3 points depending on the distance they shoot

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