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    do give up!
    By Jacey

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    You didn't mention if this is your first year or not. I am going to assume that you are a new or newish teacher. Last year was my first year teaching in inner city. Talk about an eye opening experience. It was horrible and I was re-thinking my decision to even teach at all. Since the students have moved to second grade, 3 have been found to be MR, one little boy is now in the psyciatric hospital, antother is on the strongest form of ADHD drugs availiable, the list could go on. (and on and on and on- lol) It was a very bad year.

    This year I have the most beautiful class a teacher could ever dream of having. Sure they are still a handful and yes there are still the typical problems that you will find in a non-middle class affluent school... but I would not change my situation for anything in the world. (Now cross my fingers that I can still say this next year when the squirrly bunch of Kindergradners come up to me- lol).

    I guess what I am trying to say is that each year is different- you are going to have those years that make you want to leave the teaching profession. And then you have a year (and it seems like you get it just when you can't take anymore) that make you want to cry because your students are the best students you could ever hope for.

    I have talked with my friends that work in the middle class, upper class, etc. schools in the area. They hate it. That type of school has it's own distinct set of problems. We complian because of lack of parent support- my friend complains because parents are always on her case about the most ridiculous things. The list could go on.

    BTW- my kids this year (and last year) are also way behind. I think that is something that just goes along with where we teach and something we need to do our personal best about. One more thing, then I will stop this "getting too long post"- I got really mad at a teacher last year when I asked "how do you do it" (keep the kids under control) She told me and said with a smile... I think after awhile the kids just know you mean buisness, you have an aura about you that comes with time. I wanted to get real smart with her- that was no help what so ever. But.... now I can see what she means. You will find that as the year goes on, you will find "your look" your attitude, etc. And when next year comes in- you will already have these things from day one. And with that year you will develop soemthing new that will help the following year... and so on. So there is something to be said about giving it time.

    Good luck to you and hang in there!

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