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    Intolerance of the left
    By Caroline

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    I'm disgusted. Not by the original poster, but by all the people who attacked her. Tara asked a legitimate question. She simply doesn't feel comfortable teaching out of her natural element. This is a legitimate call for ideas on how to overcome this.

    I'm fed up with the left (which most teachers reside on) All of you who attacked her for "racism" claim to always be on the side of tolerance - yet you show a complete lack of the very tolerance you profess when you encounter a view that is different from your own. If anything is hypocritical, this is. If anyone is intolerant, you are.

    Stop being so quick to be the public defender, and the defender of "progressive values" - all you really defend is the ingorance you're trying to combat.

    I'm sure I'll get called racist and intolerant for this message, but seriously folks, read the original post, and read what you said.

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