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    Inventive spelling
    By Colleen

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    I teach first grade and since I am not an inventive spelling fan, I do the following with my students. I give them a writing folder which they keep in their desks. In it is stapled the dolch word list (Fryes 100 words are good too). I also have a blank paper which they use to write a list of personal words they contantly use in their writing. (For instance the child is always writing about dinosaurs so dinosaur names are written there.) Beginning each season as a class we brainstorm a list of words. I type them on the computer and give each student a copy. All these tools help with their spelling. I also have a word wall for reference. I make my students aware that words are everywhere. We don't use dictionaries yet but glossary skills are introduced. I even found my students using the glossary in the back of their reading book. What a great feeling that was!

    I help them learn how to find out words they don't now how to spell by telling them to sound them out or refer to their dolch words. When they write I am there to help them. It's hard work for all of us but the more they write the better they get.

    With third graders they should be more accountable for spelling correctly. Even in sloppy copies most simple words should be spelled correctly because someone has to edit it and know what was written. Make a rubric and give them credit for correct spelling on the final copy. I also give them credit if they can read their rough and final draft aloud.

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