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    Invasion of privacy
    By mlg

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    Maybe it's me, but I consider this an invasion of privacy. I do not even tell my students or parents what town I live in, let alone give out my home phone number. Obviously, I do not live in the town where I work, but even when I have taught here, I still did not allow calls to my home. That time is for my family and me, with no interruptions unless I choose to do so.

    I do make calls to parents from my home, but I have always used my cell phone to do so. Since I usually stay at school until about 5:00pm, I let parents know that they may call me there whenever they have a concern and I will return the call if I am unavailable at the time.

    As for your specific concern about the staff member whose child is in your class, I know you are reluctant to involve the principal in this, but maybe you could surreptitiously discuss protocols in place to avoid unwanted call. How about involving the guidance counselor to ask for help in setting boundaries with this parent?

    Good luck. It sounds like you may need it.

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