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    Got in Some Trouble With This One
    By SC

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    Last year when I taught fifth grade, I had students write down other students' names on the board IF I TOLD THEM TO. Well, this was a huge class (37 kids), and it was a gifted class (fairly high-strung) with a lot of projects going on. One boy in there was a big troublemaker who was very dishonest. He asked me one day if he could be the one to write down other students' names. As he was always in conflict with others and had a hard time completing work as it was, I told him that he could NOT write down other students' names. Of course, when I was distracted he did it anyway. One boy who got his name written down told his mom, who was one of our less supportive parents. She totally came in and chewed me out. Therefore, I would not advocate a system in which students were instructed to write other students' names on the board. However, I would also not advocate teachers ratting each other out to administration, so I think you should mind your own business and let the other teacher fight her own battles with this management system.

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