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    that's whack :-)
    By No job

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    Gee, the comments the kids make these days! Sounds like your students are trying to take your measure and see what you'll allow, what you won't, and whether or not you'll back down. All perfectly normal sounding to me.

    Try to be firm, and consistent, but not show them that they are irritating you (that just makes them work all the harder to bug you). Be sure your consequences fit the misbehaviors. One thing you might try is to tell the student who misbehaves that you want to speak with them after class -- kids hate not knowing and the apprehension might work in your favor as well as not taking time from your teaching or embarrassing them in front of their peers.

    It will take a while before things settle down but eventually they will. It seems teachers always have to be firm at the beginning and then can ease up a bit after the students learn and follow the rules.

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