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    By Stephanie

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    I am currently doing a similar assignment. I have to do a thematic unit. Luckily I have a wonderful professor that doesn't mind helping and guiding us. She suggested that I do a lesson on Spanish culture (to incorporate ESL students who speak Spanish). We weren't able to pick what kind of disabilities we had in our classrooms but had to pick them out of a hat. I was fortunate and picked two students that both were hearing impaired. I had to incorporate technology, so I used a video in Spanish as part of my one lesson using English captions. The aid at the school I was doing a practicum at used sign language to help the students and I just put this in as an adaptation. Between the aid, video, and writing many things on the board, I had covered the students with disabilities and the ESL students. I also incorporated many activities that help the ADHD children. In my class I had 3 ADHD children. I was told that because I had so many ADHD students I should break the class up into groups for a culminating activity and presentation and give the more active parts to the ADHD students. I hope that this helps someone. Good Luck.

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