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    By LLK

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    Our Grade 6 is departmentalized--each teacher teaches 2 areas. But now we are told that this will have to change due to the "No Child Left Behind" garbage. You would have to have a major in each area that you teach. I am surprised that your school is considering going to departmentalization when we have been told that by 2006 we can't not be departmentalized.
    I have taught both self contained and departmentalized. The prep is less for departmentalized, but I would agree with the previous post that you can do a better job with what you are presenting. I miss the connecting things to other subjects, which could be done in a departmentalized case, if teachers had a common planning time. I feel like I get to know the students a little bit less, but there are more of them to know. This can make parent teacher conferences even longer than normal. We are also required to attend each IEP of every student that you have, even for only 1 class.

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