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    I agree
    By Heather

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    I sat here at times, just reading Proteacher posts, and most of the time, the advice that I needed was already there. I found this site after getting frustrated one day at work, needed a support group to join, found this one, because in my school there isn't much support.

    I read this board almost every day, for about 4 weeks. I decided to Vent one day, and the responses that I recieved was overwhelming! Not because there were many that wanted to offer advice on how to work towards solving my problem, or any of those "I've been there" stories, but from all the negativity! I do admit that my very first post, may have offended some educators. I NEVER talked about anyone on these boards directly, but I had so many come back with negative posts, defending the ones that I was explaining. It was like they took my post personal. I tried to explain that I was speaking "in general", but I think that they were having too much fun attacking every single thing that I wrote.

    In defense, I wrote nasty posts back, thinking that they would back off, but it made things worse. Instead of someone saying, "Hey, your right Heather, we should lay off this subject", they would say, "I can see why ..............", or "Your tone in your last post was awful". Well, what do you expect it to be when you are being attacked because of the frustration that you are having? I would often respond with "Maybe you are offended because this explains you", and that would set them off.

    To me, I think that we all were acting like children, myself included. I agree with you about ignoring nasty posts, and growing up. We are all adults, and it is a shame that we have been acting like this. I know that we all have bad days, some more than others, but to come on here, and to cut someone down by being nasty to them, isn't the answer. Some of us have to understand that the VENT board, isn't always going to have good posts, especially when the poster is upset or mad about a particular situation.

    If you don't like what they have wrote, just keep it to you yourself. If it is a post that attacks a particular person, report it. That's all that has to be done!!!! ( I have learned to do this myself)

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