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    sounds more complicated than it is
    By Sue P

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    I found a good one for older kids 3rd grade and up. Cut 8 squares (can be
    small)( 2 kids could cut a paper in half and then each cut 8 squares out of
    the half)I used little sticky notes when I did it but that is expensive for a whole class.
    They number the squares 1-8.

    The object is to get the numbers in this
    arrangement(see below) without having consecutive numbers horizontally,
    vertically or diagonally. Try it yourself, it will keep you busy for a
    little while too!

    __X X
    X X X X
    __X X

    (Just ignore the underscores, the x's would not post correctly if I didn't use them because it wants to line up all the letters on the margin)

    Would be a good one to give early in the day and not give the answer until the end. Then whenever they have free time they could try it. Also a good idea to let kids have a partner check their work. It is amazing how fast they can spot an error in someone elses puzzle and it will save you from having to check each one 8 times.

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