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    By Jessica_OH

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    First, please know that you are not alone. Many of us have felt isolated from the regular ed population.

    I would suggest you first speak with your building principal. Let him/her know that you are being left out of the loop and NEED to know things that are going on. Remind him/her that you and your children are part of the building community and they must, by law, be a part of the same daily activities as the regular kids (as long as they are able to). I would also suggest you speak with the district special ed coordinator (I'm assuming you have one) and let him/her know of what is happening. If he/she's worth their weight in peanuts, then he/she will help you fight for your students rights.

    I suppose my advice to is make sure you are being as vocal as you can be. You are their most important advocate (and I hope not only). Each time you are left out of the loop, go to the principal and tell him/her that yet again you were forgotten and that it is not right. Sooner or later he/she will begin to understand and if they don't, again go to your special ed coordinator.

    I hope I helped a little. Good luck!

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