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    word problems strategies
    By Danielle

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    If it helps at all, in my basic skills classes we use the problem solving approach called TINS. (Thought, Information, Number Sentence, Solution Sentence.) It comes from the book, It's Elementary 275 Math Word Problems by M.J. Owen. Basically when reading a word problem students circle key words and note their THOUGHT about the operation they should use. (Ex - circle words like in all, total, altogether). Next they circle and write down the important INFORMATION from the problem (Ex. 6 cats, 4 dogs, dogs and cats). This is where you encourage students to draw a picture of the information they have found. Then students write thier information as a number sentence and then answer thier sentence in the solution sentence. I hope that made sense, the book is very good, and it really helps my kids focus and stay on task.

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