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    By MJH

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    I have been teaching kindergarten for 9 years and have only suspended students who are endangering others. I have also done "Less than one day Suspensions" just to get a parent in for a conference. My opinion is that no K student should be suspended usless they are physically hurting others or themselves. For example, last year I had a boy who would destroy my classroom on a daily basis. He would knock over shelves, tables, and chairs. He would then start throwing things across the room and kick the other students. This is not normal behavior and it happened several times before the school issued a suspension.

    I know that there have been several articles written in various education magazines years ago stating that suspensions are not effective for elementary students. You might try Instructor, Education World and Teaching K-8. Those are the educational magazines that I usually read.

    Most elementary students see suspension as a reward, to be able to miss school, and not a punishment. Suspensions are mainly a punishment for parents because they either have to take off from work to stay home or find and pay for a babysitter for the day.

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