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    Grammar Games
    By LLk

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    I know your pain!!! I also teach 6th, although have spent most of my life in fifth. One thing I have done this year with my 6th graders is to do more games. This is an easy idea that can be readily adaptable to many skills.

    1. Make cards on the computer using 3 x 5 index cards. Use the Word program--go under file,page setup, then paper size. Here you will find the arrow that will get you to index cards. You can set up the printer to accept these so that you can print off any number of one card. That way you can make enough for multiple groups to use the same game, each with their own set of cards.
    2. On each card, print off a sentence with whatever part of speech in it that you want to review. Your sentences can be quite long to include all or most of your parts of speech.
    3. Make an answer key for each set of cards on a separate piece of paper, so that each group can check themselves.

    To play the game, each group picks a person to start. Roll the dice. If the player corrects names --say all the nouns-- in the sentence, the player adds the points rolled on the dice. If the nouns are incorrectly identified, the player goes backward.
    The first player to a certain number--say 50--wins. Change the number according to the skill or time available.
    I have used this same idea for many different English skills, from punctuation, to grammar, etc.

    Hope this helps. I think my explanation was a little confusing, but it is the best I could do, without showing you.

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